customer self-service applications​

Customer self-care applications save your customers' time offering them your availability 24/7 all around the globe. Moreover, they help you save your precious resources and focus on your business growth. ​

Hycom focuses on designing and delivering fast and easy to use web and mobile applications for your customers, who require the product and services information, FAQ answers, their contract related data whenever they need it and wherever they are. Modern customer service does not rely on POS and phone contact only. It has to include online availability of most of the information. We’re helping our clients to be ready to fulfill their customers' expectations.​

Why it works

  • Today businesses need a single platform for sales and customer service, that provides unified customer experience at any channel and at any moment. ​

Users of the applications created by us appreciate the possibility of contact and 24/7 access to information. Nowadays, it is often the expected basic form of contact with the suppliers of products and services.

Kamil Lesisz​

Consulting Manager​

Head of Oracle Practice​


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Maciej Macias

Consulting Manager, Head of SAP Practice

Kamil Lesisz

Consulting Manager, Head of Oracle Practice

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