Digital Change and CX Consulting

Plan and roadmap digital change based on the organization's goals and capabilities. Align vision, customer experience, processes and technology. Understand the customers needs and motivations to maximize value and impact of digital change.


Defining goals of the digital change

  • Defining goals of the digital change
  • Describe the organization's goals and expectations in the context of individual segments
  • Defining focus areas for digital change

Result:High Level Digital Strategy

Identification of customer paths and needs

  • Understanding how the organization handles the customer
  • Research of customer experience through the eyes of customer

Result:Customer Journey Map and Recommendations to Improve the Customer Experience

Roadmapping, determination of success metrics

  • Defining digital initiatives, scoping
  • Evaluating initiatives by value for customer, business value and feasibility
  • Defining success metrics

Result:High Level Digital Strategy

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