Service Design

Design digital services putting customer in the center. Prototype and verify fast with the real users. Design journey-based, cross channel experiences. Design omnichannel processes and technical architecture with the perspective to provide value throughout the life of the product.


Service design

  • Defining value propositions in journey contexts
  • Defining the functionality needed to satisfying user needs
  • Design thinking based conceptualization and ideation
  • Construction of the prototype and verification with users

Result:Prototype verified by users

Designing experiences and processes

  • Defining user stories
  • Omnichannel process maps and user flows
  • Designing multiscreen, omnichannel experiencesTests with users and real time improvement
  • Tests with users and real time improvement
  • Platform-wise component design and implementation of design System

Result:User Interface Process, Component and Screen Designs

Designing functional and technical architecture

  • Defining sustainable and flexible technical architecture 
  • Functional requirements
  • Integration requirements
  • Process requirements
  • Setting data architecture

Result:High Level Functional and Technical Design

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