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hycom was responsible for end-to-end delivery of new sales and service portal for Deutsche Telekom AG


A major global enterprise, Deutsche Telekom, struggled to keep up to the new market demands operating at legacy systems

Because of hycom's unique delivery approach Deutsche Telekom invited us to provide strategic support

project goals

  • what for

    to achieve better conversion rate

  • how

    by building a top-notch omnichannel solution for a new version of telekom.de portal

  • who

    hycom was commissioned to provide a comprehensive team of IT professionals to achieve it

the 'to do' list

  • make key processes more user-friendly and shorten the time needed to complete them

  • create a portal which integrates both mobile and fixed line businesses

  • get better targeted offers and omnichannel marketing campaigns

  • provide a brand new customer experience with standardized  Deutsche Telekom brand identity

  • make the system easy to maintain

  • make more business processes automatized and cheaper to maintain

project approach

It was a pilot project to use SCRUM at Deutsche Telekom which previously used waterfall-like methods. This approach encouraged close cooperation between IT and business departments.


We set highest standards of workflow and implement innovations in our projects. Gaining more and more experience, Hycom team continuously evolves in offering cutting edge technological and methodological solutions. 

Hycom initiated the implementation of tools for agile cooperation like Jira Agile (for project management and maintaining the backlog) and SonarQube (for continuous inspection of code quality). 

The new tools improved the workflow transparency, reporting model, code quality and its up-dates according 



The initial project was launched after 14 months of development and is still being expanded. Until September 2017, we succeeded in delivering the following system parts

• Result-oriented and extremely time efficient – allow to conceptualize services in days and test them with the users

• Can be used to solve complex design challenges within series of workshops


Project introduced several innovative features including:

• engagement of people from different areas and expertise

• focused on value for clients/users/customers

• tested with real people

• with understanding of corporate environment


The chosen technology was Leveraging Oracle Commerce Platform.
System performance has been improved to deal with big marketing campaigns. 

New features are still being implemented.


The project was initially set up with 1 hycom team. After several months this number has grown to 6 SCRUM teams (including 3 teams from hycom).

Hycom was heavily involved into scaling the agile project setup over time to gain maximum productivity. Adapting SCRUM and improving the processes to project needs helped to achieve a stable setup which operates for over 2 years continuously. Individual developers were initially shared between different teams to spread the knowledge and be up to date with the developed scope. 

Hycom’s team became the technological leader keeping on top of the project’s progress

hycom delivered over 40 IT professionals specialized in Oracle ATG Web Commerce, including the following profiles:

  • 20

    software developers

  • 2

    software architects

  • 2

    scrum masters

  • 4

    IT analytics

  • 1

    project manager

  • 3

    service managers

  • 6

    QA engineers

  • 3

    configuration managers

  • 1

    database engineer


  • 0,6s/4,2s first paint

    / fully loaded

  • mobile sales

    increased by 15%

  • Trusted Shops consumer rating increased from good to very good

  • +15% visits

  • 2x smartphone visit

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