Systems & experience development

Constantly monitor and optimize systems performance, security and availability. Focus on customer feedback and expectations to plan future investments and development. Measure and accelerate customer experiences in every touchpoint to increase satisfaction and loyalty.


Trusted software development teams

  • Defining software development roadmap
  • Cross - functional DevOps teams
  • Continuous development
  • Continuous testing, incl. regression
  • Release management

Result:New releases of the system

Platform and application maintenance

  • System KPIs monitoring
  • Preventive maintanance
  • Incidents & accidents management
  • Bugs fixing
  • Software upgrades
  • Performance & availability optimatization

Result:Support&maintenance environment
Fail-safe system

Experiences & services optimization

  • Monitoring od customer experience metrics
  • Evaluating improvemtns by value for customer, business value and feasibility
  • Product backlog / roadmap update

Result:Customer experience metrics
Product development backlog

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