digital service & product design

Within days, service design lets you move from a goal or an idea to a valid prototype with real end user corroboration.            

Hycom uses a service design toolkit for improved workshops accelerating design applications, service innovations and digital products. We are focused on delivering practicle results using collective knowledge from different industries and disciplines brought on by our unique workshop members. Hycom’s designers integrate experience gained from various workshops and customer feedback into fully-functional prototypes endorsed by real life users in order to quickly move to the next phase of product development.

why it works

  • result oriented and extremely time efficient – allows to conceptualise services in days and test them with users
  • can be used to solve complex design challenges in series of workshops
  • co-operation with clients in intercompany groups
  • engagement of people from different areas of expertise
  • focused on value for clients, users and customers
  • tested with real users
  • with understanding of corporate environment

Thanks to service design workshop, we are sure that our designers understand our business model. We trust that our product suits our user's expectations. We build trust with designers giving them more freedom in the design process. 

Chief Digital Officer

of an insurance company

how we design services

understanding end-users

    • User Interviews and Observations
    • Defining the Business Context And Goals
    • Creating Personas
    • Defining Contexts And Scenarios
    • Defining Value Propositions

defining and prototyping

    • Defining Product Business Model
    • Function Identification, Valuation and Feasibility
    • Rapid Prototyping

testing and moving forward

    • Concept Prototype Verification with Real Users
    • Iterative Product Design Planning
  • understanding
  • empathising
  • synthesis 
  • concept
  • test
  • moving forward

Hycom experience

  • Service Design for insurance branch applications

    Hycom led a workshop to determine the strategy and map of the organization's activities. The most important factors were understanding the client and generating the idea to build a mobile application.

  • Service Design for the telecom industry application 

    Hycom has conducted the process of product conceptualization with a telecommunications operator to determine and specify the functionality of a new digital product. The prototype has been verified with real users.

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