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We know how to facilitate the process of innovation thanks to our experience from multiple organizations and our initiative to always come up with new business ideas.
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​Established companies are always in need of an entrepreneurial mindset to innovate. Hycom helps corporations to initiate and accelerate their development by structuring and injecting startup culture into our client’s business. Our tools for innovation help to accelerate the creation of ideas and bring concepts to life in the most efficient way possible due to our vast experience from hundreds of past and current projects. We fuel enterprises with inspiration from various industries to promote maximum creativity.

why it works

  • it is based on experience from dozens of digital game-changing projects​
  • a mixed team of serial entrepreneurs and corporate sharks​
  • we are result-oriented and resource-efficient thanks to lean practice of innovation development
  • productive ideation using design thinking and proven ideation tools​
  • focused on value for clients, users and customers

We help corporations and enterprises to build, ignite and thrust the innovation engine:​

Innovation in the Enterprise​​

Entrepreneurship Programmes ​

Innovation culture and management

Delivering Innovations​

Ideation for growth  ​

Lean digital innovation delivery​

Digital Transformation​

Disruption Workhops​

The reasoning and planning of digital transformation

At hycom, we use agile methods to design an efficient digital service or product. We start by understanding our customers and their market by combining their needs with the objectives of the project. We develop solutions that are shaped into product concepts. Our rapid prototyping of key product functions allows us to verify concepts and designs with real life user experience.

Łukasz Felsztukier​

Digital Innovation Manager​

Hycom experience

  • lean innovation development

    ​Hycom has created a program supporting the culture of innovation. One of the fruits of this program is Hymate - an innovative interface. It provides sales and service functions within one solution.

  • workshop identifying the areas of digital transformation

    The project identified areas in which the organization's attention should be focused on the planned digital transformation and defined initiatives that should be implemented in these areas.

  • disruption workshop

    The workshops done with the client from the manufacturing industry stimulated threats for the business model and planned how these threats could be creatively used before the competition would implement any of them.

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Łukasz Felsztukier

Digital Innovation Manager

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