omnichannel service platforms

Today businesses need a single platform for sales and customer service, that provides unified customer experience at any channel and at any moment

People, not transactions, are at the very center of company’s interest.

Chief Marketing Officer​

of telecommunication company​

As Customer Experience became a major element of competitiveness - businesses shall provide high-quality service both when the customer buys product or service and also when he reports any problem to be solved later on. ​

The omnichannel concept in practice covers many various customer behavior scenarios. Like, customer searching for a product on mobile and making a purchase later on the desktop. Or, the offering told by customer agent by phone shall be consistent with recommendations seen on the e-commerce website. And many more cases, that are analyzed and designed during the implementation project. ​

Hycom designs then implements and runs omnichannel sales and service platforms based on top technologies provided by SAP and Oracle.​

how we work

We make use of solid methodology with an agile approach that is applicable both for on-prem and cloud implementations.​


  • Project environment setup​
  • Best practice and accelerators in place​
  • Ready-to-run processes​
  • Project governance and kickoff​


  • Key business processes design​
  • Product and Customer data management​
  • Data flow and integration design​
  • UX and UI design, incl. design system approach​
  • Fit and gap analysis​
  • Backlog prioritization


  • Short interactive development cycles (sprints)​
  • System extension, customization, and configuration based on the backlog​
  • UAT sprint/phase before launch​


  • GoLive plan​
  • Data migration​
  • Handoff to operations​
  • After launch support​
  • prepare
  • design
  • deliver
  • deploy

Shared best practices taken from various industries

Growth and market expansion strategies applied on the large customer base

Unified front-office for the best customer experience across all channels and touch points

Hycom experience

  • Telecommunication company

    Convergent offering available in omnichannel style at web, mobile, point of sale and contact centre channels. Retail customer sales, self-service, phone number portability and also retention scenarios.​

  • Manufacturing and distribution

    Implementation of B2B, B2C and deeper B2B2C commerce models for the multinational distribution of consumer products.

  • Utilities and Energy

    Change of energy supplier processes, sales of the convergent offering, various customer service cases like breakdowns or complaints.

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Consulting Manager, Head of Oracle Practice

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