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Hycom successfully executed end-to-end delivery of a new sales and service portal for Deutsche Telekom AG

Digital Transformation

A major global enterprise still utilizing legacy systems, Deutsche Telekom was struggling to meet new market demand. Because of Hycom's unique approach, Deutsche Telekom invited us to provide strategic support for their digital transformation.

Project goals

Hycom was commissioned to provide a comprehensive IT team to build a top-notch omnichannel solution for a new version of the portal. We were also asked to improve their conversion rate.

  • Make key processes more user-friendly and shorten completion times

  • Create a portal integrating both mobile and fixed-line businesses

  • Ensure better targeted offers and omnichannel marketing campaigns

  • Provide a brand new customer experience with a standardized Deutsche Telekom brand identity

  • Make the system easy to maintain

  • Automate more business processes and reduce costs

Project approach

The pilot scrum project utilized a waterfall approach which encouraged close cooperation between the IT and business departments.


We hold ourselves to high standards when it comes to workflow and innovation in our projects and place a high priority on cutting edge technological solutions and methodologies. During the project, Hycom initiated the use of tools for agile cooperation such as Jira Agile (for project management and maintaining the backlog) and SonarQube (for continuous inspection of code quality). The new tools improved workflow transparency, the reporting model, and code quality.

Solution delivery

The initial project was launched following 14 months of development and has been extended. Since September 2017, we succeeded in delivering the following:

  • A results-oriented and time efficient approach, enabling services to be conceptualized and tested with users within a few days

  • A model that can solve complex design challenges within a series of workshops

An innovative product design, including:

  • The engagement of people with different areas of expertise

  • A focus on value for clients, users, and customers

  • Tested with real users

  • Tailor-made for the corporate environment

Solution technology

Leveraging the Oracle Commerce Platform.
System performance improved to manage large marketing campaigns.
New features are still being implemented.


The project was initially set up with one Hycom team. After several months, this number was expanded to 6 scrum teams altogether, including 3 from Hycom.

Hycom was heavily involved in scaling the agile project setup over time in order to gain maximum productivity. We spent 2 successful years adapting the scrum and improving processes to fit project needs and generate consistent results. Individual developers were initially shared between different teams to spread knowledge and stay focused on the project scope.

Hycom’s IT experts lead the way throughout, ensuring the project’s progress and delivering over 40 IT professionals specialized in Oracle ATG Web Commerce.

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