Sales and self-service solution for telecommunication

Take your customer self-service to the next level. Enhancing customer experience can generate cost savings and open commercial potential to your Customer base in the Telco business

Telecommunication companies are facing substantial changes from the Customer’s perspective

All clients expect consistent omnichannel experience which is mobile first, personalized and relevant.

Much greater use of streaming and data in homes. Where the work of many people has been carried out for some time. ​

Expecting much higher quality internet connections. Not just on the home network, but also within our smartphone connections. ​

The expectation of increased customer experience within Telco services. This happens both on the basis ofapplications, but also on the basis of better actions by call centre or POS consultants. The customer today expects a customer experience similar to the one they have when contacting FAANG companies. ​

High-quality digital self-service with future-proof composable technology​

  • B2C & B2B customers ​​

  • Ticket systems and fault clearance management​​

  • Settlements & Payments​​

  • Uniform offers across all product lines​​

  • Cross- and up-sell ​

Digital touchpoints and front-end applications

  • Our vast range of technical capabilities allows us to deliver various touchpoints​​​

  • Native Mobile Applications​​

  • PWA and Single Page Applications​​

  • Agent Console apps​​

  • Chatbots​​

  • Portal Web Applications

Future-oriented technologies to meet the business goals

Hycom helps companies to build their solutions in an agile way providing teams with a complete set of capabilities​ to hit the ground running in the most complex initiatives​​.

Agile teams with methods and experience in working together are much more productive​​.

Selected professionals from over 200 IT specialists (Developers, QA, IT Consultants / Analysts, Engineers) can join and strengthen the product or project team, help solve specific problems or advise at different stages of the project.

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