OroCommerce​ enhanced by Prosperer​

Hycom has unique experience delivering ORO platform-based solutions and enhancing them with Prosperer extensions providing additional, ready integrations, features and touchpoints.


Effective digital sales and service addressing the needs of various B2B segments including franchise/purchasing groups and others.​


The solution is typically ready for use (fully configured, integrated, and deployed) within 3-4 months.​

Sales & Service

Built-in Sales and Services processes in line with best practices in the Manufacturing and Distribution sector.​


Providing customer information, contracts with billing data, transaction history, and trading terms as  well as additional features.​

Prosperer brings the following benefits for manufacturing and distribution companies.

  • Delivery acceleration -​ ready, preconfigured components and touchpoints allow for immediate launch of a full-scope solution

  • Flexible Storefront – design based on hundreds of interviews, using modern architecture, with no-code tools support built-in.​

  • Ready integrations - native compatibility with SAP S/4HANA, Salesforce, and other ERP/CRM platforms. Integrations realised with IFS, Comarch ERP.​

  • Industry Focus - core functions based on real-world use cases from the market and insights from research and meetings with  companies in sectors such as industrial, appliances, food production and distribution, agricultural industry, chemical industry, and others.​

  • Tailored Methodology - an implementation methodology that minimizes risk, designed for seamless ERP integration, ensuring quick adoption of the solution throughout the organization and effective adoption among B2B customers, while maximizing post-launch business value.​

Prosperer eCommerce

Core features

  • Responsive and performant PWA application

  • Headless CMS (Strapi/Contentful)

  • Multilanguage

  • Multicurrency

  • SEO optimized

  • Optimized for high performance

B2B Commerce

  • Different selling units

  • Per-client prices

  • Multi-warehouse stock

  • Warehouse batches

  • Stock availability information & notifications

  • Future stock orders

  • Quick order form

Products & Checkout

  • Product listing

  • Product details

  • Product search

  • Product variants

  • Cart

  • Checkout

  • Payment

  • Delivery methods


  • Timeslots configuration for order self-collection

  • Spare parts

  • Quotations

  • 3D product

  • Mobile-native apps iOS/Android available

Prosperer Self-Service

For Customers

  • Dashboard

  • Orders list

  • Overdue payments presentation

  • User management (login, data preview & edit)

  • Consents management

  • Quotations

  • Complaints

  • Notifications & configuration

Prosperer After-sales

For installation and service teams​

  • Installation process

  • Assets installed overview

  • Assets history

  • Technician support

  • Knowledge base with AI-support

  • Spare parts ordering

  • Payments

Key technology benefits of Prosperer

Headless storefront for Oro ready to launch

Prosperer’s storefront that leverages all the powers of OroCommerce is a complete, best-of-breed combination for MACH-compatible B2B e-commerce.

The storefront features large scope of B2B functionalities, that are extended with additional self-service and after-sales modules, covering also non-standard user journeys.

Prosperer’s front-end components are powered by our proven composable stack - Hycom Composable Frontends.

Flexible, future-proof architecture

The composable architecture of Prosperer for OroCommerce enables companies to tailor their solution for the future and their growing businesses.

New capabilities can be flexibly added by connecting any API and extending the UI effectively with their features.

Upgrades or system replacements are easier than ever before thanks to the abstraction layer our technology provides.

Modern UX and UI optimized for B2B commerce

The UX and UI design we provide is optimized for B2B user journeys but is based on B2C patterns, making it even easier to use and effective.

The storefront offers a capable theming engine, customization and extension features so that you can launch your dedicated frontend faster.