Accelerator and extender of B2B commerce for manufacturing

Prosperer enhances the functionality of the B2B Commerce platforms with critical business features and radically accelerates the implementation of sales and service platforms for manufacturing companies.


  • Fast delivery

    Market implementation in 4-6 months, thanks to ready-made business components.

  • Manufacturing oriented

    Core features based on real use cases from the market and knowledge from studies and meetings with hundreds of B2B clients.

  • Future-proofed

    Thanks to a modern component
    architecture based on API
    and cloud solutions.

  • B2B solution

    A powerful combination
    of ready-to-use extensions
    & integrations with

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Main components of Prosperer

Flexible Storefront

Customer experience
crafted from insights
gathered from
hundreds of B2B client

Built-in B2B processes

Accelerate deployments
with ready-to-use
process templates.

Ready-to-use integrations

Native compatibility with
SAP Hana, Salesforce,
other ERP and CRM


methodology, designed
for seamless ERP
integration, ensuring
swift solution adoption
across your organization
and clients, while
maximizing post-
deployment value.

Clients opinion

[...] I also want to highlight the role of the Prosperer accelerator working with SAP Commerce Cloud, which has enabled Cerrad to launch sales in new markets in just a few days. Our collaboration has resulted not only in technological success but also in real growth of our business.

Filip Cegłowski

Chief Digital Officer, Cerrad

Check how Prosperer helped Cerrad
open to a new market in 7 days

Key features

Take advantage of simple UI and excellent UX

Our solution is a revolutionary B2B commerce accelerator streamlining global trade. We've built a fully responsive design for all B2B SAP Commerce out-of-the-box and newly added functionalities. User-friendly, data-driven, and adaptable to all devices with preconfigured example data.

Enhance support for product catalog and price handling

You can use custom product visibility logic based on price existence for given B2B Unit. We've optimized price storing & processing for a huge number of records (product catalogs with 100M price rows). We also have many improvements regarding the functionality of the product catalog.

Manage investments and

You can handle investment including investment application submission and replication, investment agreements replication and submitting investment orders. Prosperer supports enhanced complaint tickets that can be related to a specific invoice. Check out all of them on our website.

Extend spare parts selling mode

We have a dedicated solution for spare parts selling including searching and ordering in a convenient graphical way, based on SAP Commerce product catalog data model (using references to the main product).

Generate specific offers for your customers

B2B users can easily generate an offer for their customers. The offer can be built based on product catalog available for the B2B user, as well as additional "products" that do not exist in SAP Commerce product catalog, like services, and additional products required to do work.

Need a full specification?

Methodologies and tools

SAP Commerce Cloud

The SAP Commerce Cloud solution provides a trusted ecommerce platform that can help you innovate at scale and tap enterprise-wide data to boost profits and customer satisfaction. Find out more at SAP Commerce Cloud website


OroCommerce is an excellent fit for mid-market and large enterprises looking to improve their e-commerce presence or take the first step in launching an online platform for their customers. Check more information at OroCommerce webstie

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