Customer Experience

We help clients design change that matters through customer-driven approach, making sense of the latest technology which is based on product design and services that meet or exceed expectations of the people who use them.

Customer Research and Journey Mapping

Customer and employee research as well as journey mapping allow us to reveal hidden motives, goals, and understand the way the customer thinks. Thanks to this approach, the companies we work with can reshape the mapping of consumer decisions to create value for their customers and also for themselves at the same time.
We work closely with customers and clients to design journeys that inspire them, empower employees and determine how to best scale and embed these journeys into the organizational culture.

Experience Management

We help companies to analyze and design customer and employee journeys to define interactions that matter. This knowledge enables companies to monitor customer paths and measure the components that customers have identified as important. Experience management ensures the highest quality of CX at every stage and at every point of contact with the company. It empowers service people and CX departments with immediate insights that can drive actions and initiatives to improve customer experience. The experience management system uses “X - data” (subjective experience data) + “O - data” (operational data from various legacy systems) combined to understand and define their impact on company business indicators.

Experience management is not a software or a system. It is a programmatic and systematic way to lead the company into customer centricity by implementing improvement initiatives with the greatest impact on loyalty and willingness to recommend.

Listening, acting and working on feedback - replaces guessing with knowledge, which gives companies the power to succeed.

Engagement and Loyalty

We bridge the gap between customer expectations and the technological capabilities of companies through end-to-end journey orchestration.

We build engagement and loyalty with the enablement of motivational models, establishing conversion drivers and building engagement schemes of relationships with customers. We specialize in reimaging ways of understanding customers by personalizing the steps of their journeys, engaging them by building dedicated loyalty programs, and connecting internal and external data to understand business thanks to real-time data analysis and actions in the connected channels.

We use solutions that enable the unification of customer and offer data, consistency of service and content within various touchpoints and omnichannel real time personalization that drives customer engagement and loyalty.

Experience Design

Armed with knowledge from CX research, user personas and journey maps, we are able to design customer emotions and experiences during each interaction with the service or product. We began with mapping the client's decision-making process, followed by user flow of the screens that should be designed. Each step of the flow is designed as a micro-experience mapping the client’s needs, motivations, hardships and suggestions on how the new experience should address them. The prototype of the final experience is tested with real clients to verify the ease of use and check the fit of the solution to the customer’s needs. As a result, we deliver seamless, immediate, omnichannel, and personalized experiences customers will appreciate and reward.

Our design-driven approach reveals great opportunities to reimagine and digitize end-to-end business processes and services, and to co-create breakthrough products and services, making organizations more innovative to power remarkable customer journeys.

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