Customer Service portal and mobile app for the Energy and Utilities

Let your customers address their top requests online and expand your business with new products and services. Composable platform that is pre-integrated with SAP ecosystem, including S/4HANA for Utilities and SAP Sales Cloud.

Satisfied customers

    Lower cost-to-serve

      Rapid business results


        • Digitalize top customer requests as they expect it

          Payment, invoices, financial settlements and customer data management still are on the top of customer service department tasks. Customers can manage all these things on their own online and your Customer Service team can focus on the most demanding customer cases.

        • Optimize both customer service level and related costs

          The more customers switch to self-service the higher benefits you get in customer service operations, like lower cost-to-serve, better customer satisfaction and faster handling time. The quality of self-service matters.

        • Engage your customers and help them in demanding energy situations

          Let your customers take control over the energy consumption. Individual consumption goals help to improve energy efficiency by customers themselves. Advise, recommend, educate and notify them in the right context and need.

        • Provide the best customer experience in a unified way

          Both private and business customers appreciate self-service, regardless of the products and services they use. Each Energy & Utility product line would be available in a single place for a better customer experience.

        • Get rapid results and stay flexible both from business and IT perspectives

          Ready components and extensive ready integration with SAP flagship solutions make implementation process smooth and fast. At the same time the platform is composable, can be adopted and customized in each element and every layer to meet new requirements and new business challenges related to the ongoing energy transformation.

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        Key features

        Provide all products and services in a single place for each customer segment

        • Electricity, gas, district heating and water supply services are accessible together with distributed energy resources like PV, storage and e-mobility offering

        • Supplementary offerings like broadband and other telco services

        • For both b2c and b2b accounts

        • Multiple touchpoints: portal, self-service, mobile apps

        • Backoffice for consultants included

        Enyu self service mobile app for energy and utilities

        Empower customers with energy consumption goals with real-time reports

        • Smart meter data with real-time reports on the consumption

        • Automatic reminders to update manual readings if applicable

        • Individual consumption goals with notifications

        Manage all contracts, services and billing data just one click away

        • Contracts and services management

        • Transfers and customer retention offering

        • Direct debit and online payments

        • Digital invoices with detailed payment information

        Enyu mobile app for energy and utilities - your account view
        Enyu self care mobile app for energy and utilities showing a screen of push notifications and information relevant for the customer

        Push notifications and information relevant for the customer

        • Reminders on upcoming payments

        • Notifications on maintenance breaks

        • Help in case of outages and failures

        • Cross-selling other products and services

        Report cases to your customer service team

        • Customer Service Agent mode for assisted help

        • Reporting cases and requests to be handled directly by the customer service team agents

        Enyu self-care mobile app screens show screens of reporting cases to the customer service team.

        Enyu is available on SAP Store!

        Composable approach and M.A.C.H. architecture that gives flexibility and allows for consistent omnichannel experience​

        • Maciej



          Head of Energy & Utilities Sector

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