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Accelerate digitalization of sales and customer service and gain maximum value from your investment in SAP technology. fully supports digital transformation programmes end-to-end, starting with business strategy, delivering IT solutions, and providing support and further development services.

We provide experienced teams delivering middle-sized and large implementations of online sales and customer service based on SAP solutions.

Our CX oriented consulting services allows us to make the best of SAP CX suite for delivering value, both for the organization and for end customers.

How do we help clients to deliver great value from SAP technology services?

  • 10+ years of experience

Our architects and consultants have been working on ecommerce and online self-service projects for almost 20 years, delivering SAP based solutions since 2010.

  • 12+ SAP C/4HANA projects implemented for the largest manufacturing, consumer goods, and telecommunication companies, incl. BOSCH, Saint Gobain, Orange, Śnieżka.

  • Certified SAP Professionals

We are an experienced team of 80+ consultants, architects, programmers, and quality assurance engineers with unique knowledge in CX suite and integration with SAP ECC and S/4HANA, together with complex IT legacy landscapes.

  • SAP dedicated services

We have provided a wide range of SAP dedicated services for various ecommerce solutions at each stage of their maturity:

  1. Starting from delivering whole transformation projects, with DevOps and CI/CD setup,

  2. Optimization of existing implementations in terms of performance, scalability, and configuration management,

  3. Upgrading projects to the latest edition of SAP Commerce,

  4. Migrating SAP into the cloud from the on prem installations, incl. AWS, Azure, and SAP Commerce Cloud v2,

  5. CX consulting team experienced in sales and customer service transformations based on SAP technology.

We work for following top international brands

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Services of SAPCX Competence Center


complementary solutions

Our skills and competencies are concentrated among the following solutions:

  • SAP Commerce Cloud

  • SAP Qualtrics

  • SAP Cloud Platform Integration

  • SAP Context Driven Services

  • SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory

  • SAP Customer Data Cloud

SAP Commerce Cloud

Accelerated ecommerce platform for various business models, with key capabilities:

  • Headless front-ends based on Spartacus

  • Product Information Management

  • B2C commerce model

  • B2B channel management

  • Regular and customized products

  • Supplementary services

  • Spare parts

  • Internationalization

  • Quote management

SAP Qualtrics

Customer Experience & Employee Experience Management solution:

  • Customer and Employee experience knowledge

  • Combination of transactional data (O data) with experience related information (X data)

  • Actionable feedback from Customer to Employee for immediate reaction (actionable data)

SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Cloud based enterprise integration bus for the whole SAP Cloud suite and to connect the cloud services with the on-premises IT landscape as well as other cloud systems:

  • Prebuilt integration and open API

  • Integration of data and business processes

  • Integration across diverse application landscapes and ecosystems

SAP Customer Data Cloud

Customer identity and access management in the cloud:

  • Single sign-on

  • Unified Customer profiles compliant with GDPR

  • Social login

  • Progressive profiling

  • Trusted customer and partner data governance

SAP Context Driven Services

Personalization of the ecommerce experience in the real-time context of the user:

  • Real-time segmentation

  • Personalized experience by content and offers

  • Personalized recommendations

  • Remarketing tactics

  • Merchandising and online product placement

SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory

Environment for simplified extending of SAP suite and integrating SAP C/4HANA and S/4HANA with microservices, moving step by step into the decoupled architectures:

  • Central registry of extensions

  • Cloud Enterprise Messaging

  • Event-driven extensions

  • Serverless functions and microservices

Benefit from skilled SAP specialists and experts

SAP Solution Architects

Responsible for translating the functional and non-functional requirements into an architectural design as well as participating in solution delivery and team leading.

SAP Consultants

Their role is gathering and analyzing requirements and providing functional expertise and deep business process understanding.

SAP Developers

Developers are responsible for backend and integration implementation according to expert recommendations and best practices.

SAP Frontend Developers         

Responsible for implementing frontend components in close cooperation with UI and UX designers.

SAP QA Engineers

Their responsibility is defining testing strategy, designing and executing test scenarios, actively taking part in the delivery process.

SAP Cloud Administrators

Cloud environment procurement and configuration with particular emphasis on security and access control.

SAP CI/CD Engineers

Designing and implementing solution delivery pipeline, incl. DevOps approach.

SAP UX Specialist

Responsible for user experience analysis, design and adaptation of SAP accelerators.

Full stack of services to boost your digital transformation

DESIGN services

New implementation or planning of migration from the legacy solution:

  • Solution – customer fit

  • Concepts and prototyping

  • New project and new architecture design

  • Decoupling of frontend, e.g., with Spartacus

  • UI design system and reusable frontend components

  • IT road mapping towards business strategy

  • Audits of existing solutions and identifying bottle necks

  • Release management

  • Digital Transformation initial advisory

DELIVERY services

Implementation step where the project team builds and/or migrates to SAP suite with best practices applied.

Development of the solution on three various levels of team involvement:

  • Our specialists at your team

  • Cross-competence joint teams

  • Complete project delivery

And selected complementary services:

  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

  • Quality Assurance

  • Test automation

  • Performance tests for frontend and backend


For existing and already-in-operational-mode projects, we can support you with the following activities:

  • SAP core solution upgrades to new versions

  • SAP solution migration onto cloud infrastructure incl. Amazon AWS and Azure

  • SAP solution migration onto SAP Commerce Cloud v2

  • Roadmap planning and execution aligned with SAP suite roadmap

  • Performance audits, diagnosis, and optimization

  • Static analysis of the project quality

  • IT scout for improvement recommendations

Our team has gained the following set of professional certificates

  • SAP Certified Development Professionals

  • SAP Commerce Cloud Business Users

  • SAP Certified Product Support Specialists

  • SAP Cloud Platform Integration

  • SAP Customer Data Cloud

Accelerate your development with industry savvy teams

We represent not just strong IT skills within SAP suite; we understand your business model and have digitalized business processes using customer-centricity methodologies. Our SAP experts have gained substantial experience, especially in the following industries: 

Manufacturing & Consumer Goods

Acceleration of distribution channels with high focus on self-service, order capture optimization, and business partner engagement. Implementation of various digital business models B2B, B2B2B or B2C, B2B2C.

  • Large product catalogues with distributed data sources among various company databases

  • Optimized purchasing process for maximum usability and speed, especially for recurring orders

  • Offering and product recommendations for smoother purchasing decisions

  • Omnichannel sales and customer service between online, Sales Agents, and other remote channels


Omnichannel commerce and service in digital channels for customer acquisition and retention for convergent offering. Complex product catalogue and offering personalization for various customer segments.

  • Complex product catalogue bundling with devices, plans, and VAS management for mobile, internet, and tv alike


  • Customer acquisition and MNP processes fully digitalized

  • Self-service portals with comprehensive plans and other services management and usage reporting

  • Retention processes with recommendation and anti-churn policy

Energy & Utilities

Driving customer loyalty in a more and more competitive market. Technology development allows energy providers to "go beyond the meter” and brand-new products and digital services appear and generate new revenue streams.

  • Unified front office and omnichannel consistency across orchestrated touchpoints

  • Increased customer loyalty, and churn prevention

  • Enabling Ecommerce for the new offerings and business models

  • Extending revenue streams, increasing CLV, and monetizing existing customer base

  • Relieving Contact Centers, hot-lines, and traditional Customer Service Offices, opening efficient digital channels for two-way communication with customers

  • Customer Experience Management ensures the highest quality customer experience at every stage and every point of contact with energy providers and subcontractors

  • Addressing energy-saving and the eco-lifestyle for greater customer satisfaction and loyalty

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