E-commerce and self-service development

Hycom helps companies to build their solutions in an agile way and use future-oriented technologies to meet the business goals​

  • Productive from day one, well-coordinated, experienced teams ​ of professionals​
  • Agile software delivery focused on your company business goals​
  • Build solutions based ​on world-renowned ​ and the most modern technologies​
  • Use API based architectures to improve customer experiences across all touchpoints​

Agile Development and DevOps Teams

Hycom as an implementation partner​

Our models of ​cooperation​

Hycom technology team in numbers​

Hycom helps customers meet their goals and overcome challenges in the area of Software Operations​

Faster time to market

Market and the competition require that IT solutions​ have to be created in a shorter time

Moving to new technologies

Companies are moving to new cloud environments, containerization, new modular architectures. Growing complexity & a large number of technologies requiring people specializing in specific areas.

Skilled teams

Access to skilled workers is already a key factor that sets successful companies apart from failing ones

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    Head of Energy & Utilities Sector