Experience consulting

Hycom has a holistic approach ​to understanding customer behavior and managing experiences​

  • Understand the entire customer journey, their needs, goals, and expectations​
  • From insight to action: drive changes & results ​ ​
  • Get a clear roadmap and step-by-step guide for managing Customer Experience​ ​
  • Match customer needs with organization’s capabilities​ ​

Hycom services in the area of Experience Consulting​

What you get​ from Customer Understanding

What you get ​from Experience Strategy​

What you get from Experience Management Structuring​ ​

Hycom helps companies meet the goals and overcome challenges ​ in the area of Customer Understanding and Experience Management​

Customer journeys are too complex​, organizational siloes which makes it hard ​to align business decisions with customer needs

Understanding customer needs & expectations

Too many interactions and touchpoints to easily prioritize, not enough resources​, silos – product- and channel-oriented organization​

Understanding customer needs & expectations

Difficult-to-recognize "moments of truth" which impact satisfaction​, unidentified key drivers of satisfaction

Increase NPS / Customer Satisfaction

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