Business transformation consulting

Hycom has helped companies move towards a customer mindset, viewing channels as ​a whole and converting this knowledge​ into actionable concepts.

  • Build solutions ​outside-in – based on customer expectations​
  • Focus on your company ​business goals​
  • Improve customer experiences across​ all touchpoints​
  • Set up environment ​for lean management ​and agile delivery ​

Digital Strategy and Definition of Digital Solutions

People working on the workshop to set goals necessary to take the next actions in customer journey mapping.
A group of people works together to create new Architecture, List of Requirements to define MVP and the Roadmap

Top Problems Solved by Journey-based Definition Of Digital Solutions​

We see no connection between digital solutions development ​ and client understanding

We define roadmaps based on ​ customer goals

We have problem to convert customer insights into working solution

We convert customer insight into architecture components using Service Blueprint techniques

We want to deliver to our customers the most valuable solution fast

We define first version of solution in a way that can be delivered in few months and bring maximum value to the customer and the company

Methodologies and Tools

  • COPC ​

  • Strategyzer 

  • SAP

  • Lean Startup​

    Minimal Viable Product, Validated Learning​

  • Gartner

    Business and Technology, Requirements Definition, Architecture Design Methodology ​

  • Mural

    Design Thinking Remote Collaboration​

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