We bring excellentexperiences for yourcustomers

We bring excellentexperiences for yourcustomers

Products and services provided by Hycom can help you build digital solutions and give your revenue a boost. We use proven technologies and innovative solutions created by our R&D. ​

We build our solutions based on winning technologies from industry leaders:

  • COPC ​

  • Oracle CX & Oracle ATG

  • SAP

  • ORO

  • Java

  • Elasticpath

  • Strategyzer 

  • Google

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  • Rolf



    Head of Manufacturing and Distribution Sector

  • Maciej



    Head of Energy & Utilities Sector

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  • Initial analysis of business processes in your company.
  • Determining the optimal scope of implementation Prosperer functionalities.
  • Initial cost estimation of potential implementation.
  • Includes 1 Demo and FitGap Analysis