Let's make something great together!

As the members of Hycom.digital we focus on: team work, professionalism, creativity, responsibility and communication. We know that we work better, when we feel good and we do a lot to make our workplace welcoming.

No position suiting you right now?

Recruitment process


  • The interview process at Hycom is very simple and straightforward. After finding a position that is available, just send your CV forward and the process begins!

  • A member of our Talent team will review your CV and experience. 

  • We’ll reach out to arrange a short meeting to get to know each other, and give you a chance to ask about the opportunity and what it’s like to work for Hycom!

Let's meet!

  • This is where is really gets interesting - the chance to meet your potential new manager! 

  • Each department in Hycom has a slightly different process, but all include a few situational and behavioural questions and provide time for you to ask questions to our hiring managers too. 

  • This meeting usually lasts for 1hr and is often in an open discussion format.

Get your feedback!

  • Decisions, decisions, decisions. 

  • After finishing the interview process our team will quickly review and provide detailed feedback with the next steps!

Our benefits

  • Fully funded private healthcare

    We care about health, so you can choose beneficial medical packages for you and your family.

  • Foreign languages courses

    Spanish or maybe Chinese? Choose which language you want to learn and we will co-finance your course.

  • Co-financing of sports packages

    With a sports card you will take care of your physical and mental health. Collect your team at work and go to yoga together.

  • Group insurance

    Provide extra security for you and your family and sign up for group insurance.

  • Internal trainings and events

    We are happy to share knowledge within the team and between departments!

  • External events

    We participate in industry conferences and dedicated courses.

  • Company car

    No matter if you are going on a business trip or vacation, you can rent a company car.

  • Team meals

    We care about spending time together, so we organize breakfasts and team lunches at the office.

  • Dogoffice

    Our offices are dog friendly. Bring your dog with you to the office and give a paw with all!

Join our Internship Program

Get your first or next work experience. Our paid internships are held periodically. See if you can find something for you!

Meet hy!Team

Participatory Budget

We, as employees, decide how to spend portions of an annual company budget – it can be on different activities or on equipment. The most important is that these things must be usable and available to everyone in the company.  



At Hycom, we like to spend time together, so we often organize various team-building trips: project-based as well as for our entire community. Recently, we had a great time on a pirogue in a hotel near Warsaw and explored the mountains in Szklarska Poręba.

hy!Employee Referral Program

One of our strategic activities is the development of Team Hycom. And our employees, like no one else, have a huge impact on achieving this goal! We have introduced a Referral Program.   We want to reward you for your trust and effort in recommending the right people to work at Hycom! 

More questions? We will be happy to answer!

  • Agnieszka



    Talent Acquisition Leader