Accelerate your headless
B2B e-commerce with Oro and our composable frontend stack

Hycom provides a headless storefront integrated with OroCommerce and extended with additional self-service and after-sales features.

It is built on proven frontend tech stack that leverages all the benefits of composable architecture.

The storefront is part of Prosperer for Oro - Hycom’s accelerator for headless B2B e-commerce integrated with OroCommerce API. Prosperer is MACH-compatible, delivers built-in Oro features in modern UI and provides additional functional extensions including self-service and after-sales user journeys.

Technology behind headless storefront for Oro

Hycom Composable Frontends was used to build the headless storefront for OroCommerce.
The toolkit provides:

  • flexible & future-proof architecture,

  • proven stack based on Next.js / node.js,

  • user interface that is attractive & optimized for B2B,

  • great performance out of the box,

  • native mobile touchpoints available

Prosperer for OroCommerce - B2B commerce & self-service extension

The storefront is part of Prosperer for Oro - Hycom’s accelerator for headless B2B e–commerce.

Prosperer offers built-in Oro features within a modern UI, and includes enhanced functional extensions such as self-service and after-sales capabilities.

E-commerce features

The headless storefront supports a full range of commerce user journeys, including:

  • Product listing pages and search functionality

  • Detailed product information and variant options

  • Suggestions for related products

  • Advanced product search capabilities

  • Customizable product configurations

  • Shopping cart management

  • Streamlined checkout process

  • Various payment and delivery methods

  • Quick order options

  • Option for 3D configurator integration

  • Surveys and forms for enhanced customer interaction

Extended self-service and after-sales B2B features

Enhanced self-service and after-sales B2B features include:

  • Dashboard for overview and analytics

  • Comprehensive orders list

  • Tracking of overdue payments

  • User management for login, data preview, and editing

  • Consents management system

  • Creation and management of quotations

  • Monitoring of credit limits

  • Handling of complaints

  • Customizable notifications and user account settings

  • Detailed installation process guidance

  • Record of devices installed

  • Access to technician support

  • Spare parts ordering capability