Long-term partnership with Deutsche Telekom

Several years of partnership with one of the leaders in the telecommunications industry have brought us remarkable experiences, trust and lots of great projects.

Deutsche Telekom (DT) is one of the world's leading integrated telecommunications companies that delivers mobile, broadband and line services in more than 50 countries. As a reliable partner in delivery of IT services, Hycom has been involved in the development and support of DT systems from our very beginning in 2016. Our main goal is to enhance B2C and B2B eCommerce core systems with features accelerating sales and enabling smooth operations for different DT departments. We focus on developing DT’s sales platforms for mobile phones and devices configured with tariffs and extra options. Hycom is also responsible for pricelist module development as well as integration with DT’s internal systems accountable for further order management. In addition to all this, Hycom has also been involved in the backend and API projects, helping DT to fulfill their strategic goals in the area of IT architecture. 

Our teams of more than 50 specialists dedicated to working for DT cover not only backend and frontend development but also testing and quality management. Hycom’s analysts and IT architects are involved on a daily basis in designing new system features and developing the overall technical architecture. The teams are supported by experienced scrum masters who also maintain excellent cooperation with DT’s product owners. 

Implementing Hycom’s scrum teams as first ever at Deutsche Telekom IT in Germany (2016) was definitely a game changing decision. It has altered the quality of cooperation between particular DT departments and Hycom as a delivery partner. On the other hand it required trust, openness and agility to adapt to a new organizational environment. As we paved the way forward and succeeded in efficient deliveries, other projects opened up to us. The key element was also close cooperation between product owners and the teams themselves. Having stable teams familiar with DT’s culture and environment allows us to reach common business goals as we also share common ownership of the projects. It also motivates teams to stay focused on high performance and working out improvements permanently. 

Hycom’s general foundation of cooperation is partnership and trust. Together with robust DT teams we have managed not only to deliver a great deal of important projects but also proven ourselves as a long-term partner in DT’s strategic plans and initiatives. 

New initiatives and technical ideas proposed by Hycom are supported by DT’s approach based on openness and respect. Together we elaborate on new features that elevate customer experience and sales records. Hycom’s flexibility and attitude combined with vast technical skills portfolio is a key to success when adjusting IT delivery to current business needs and requirements.

Jan-Mathijs Eijt

Business Owner IT, Deutsche Telekom

Launching new products, adjusting sales systems to changes in a telecommunication law but also cooperation with external companies to implement innovative solutions not only helps DT to be a market leader but also keep on motivating our teams to bring real business value which is base of DT and Hycom long-term partnership. 

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