Digital Transformation of Osadkowski Company — from Traditional Agricultural Supply to a Modern Platform

Osadkowski Company is one of the leading distributors of agricultural production supplies in Poland. Osadkowski's clients, large and medium-sized agricultural enterprises, benefit from a comprehensive offering that includes a wide range of production supplies, agricultural machinery, as well as advisory and financial services.

Implementing the strategy required a careful selection of a partner who could combine an understanding of Osadkowski's business and technological needs with the perspective of their customers' needs.

In 2021, the company's management chose Hycom as the general contractor for the digital transformation of self-service and sales channels.

Due to the multidimensional nature of the project, Hycom applied a proprietary "one step earlier" approach to define, design, and implement digital initiatives.

Proper preparation of an IT project is as important as its later execution in achieving the intended goals. Therefore, the transformation project began with defining the transformation goals and aligning them with the company's strategic plans. During this process, key areas and transformation priorities were identified, along with customer segments that would drive the most significant business impact from the program. Extensive research was conducted among representatives of these customer segments to understand their needs, and the results were structured in the form of customer journey maps. These maps presented the pain points, expectations, and needs of customers from their perspective on the purchasing and service paths. An interdisciplinary team of experts was responsible for optimizing and ensuring the technical aspects of the project aligned with the business needs. Bridging the gap between business communication and technical teams was one of the key factors for the ultimate success of the program.

Business, technology and user experiences were effectively combined through:

Based on the collaborative efforts of the combined team, a program roadmap was created, built on business priorities and a deep understanding of customer needs, with careful consideration of technical infrastructure readiness. The team decided to start with the implementation of a self-service system, taking into account the planned development of sales functionalities and the future launch of e-commerce features.

Hycom's services also included the design, integration, and implementation of two comprehensive applications: Customer Self-Service and e-Commerce, based on recommendations for the technological architecture and an agile implementation model.

The implementation of the e-care system is 
an important step in Osadkowski's digital transformation of our sales and customer service channels. Providing customers with self-service features allows us to achieve the first goal of the transformation, which is to change the role of customer caretakers and raise the service standard for all customer segments. By starting one step earlier with Hycom, before the typical initiation of IT projects, we ensured that all stakeholders fully understood the goals and expected outcomes of the solutions. We also gained a deep and organized understanding of customer expectations. We appreciate that Hycom understands the complex nature of IT projects, the dynamics between IT and business teams and that they balance customer expectations with business goals in technological implementation.

Piotr Osadkowski

Chief Digital Officer


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