Service Portal - comprehensive digitalization of installation and service processes

Streamline the management of installation and service processes with a digital platform that allows you to manage service documentation, supports the installation and initial startup process, and provides a system for handling service requests.

Companies often face complex customer service processes and increasing the efficiency of spare parts sales. Companies operating in the manufacturing and distribution sectors also face difficulties in the area of installer work. This is most often due to the complicated installation process, paper workflow and lack of access to detailed documentation.

Service Portal, developed by Hycom, is a solution that allows companies to manage installation and service processes in a smarter and more organized way.

It's a platform that will simplify complex tasks and provide better control over every step of the job - from installation to device management.

A mobile app for technicians, a management panel for coordinators and a customer zone are just a few of the features Service Portal has at its disposal.

Service Portal is a tool that supports both installers and coordinators as well as customers, making it the command center of the entire service management area.

Supported by the most up-to-date artificial intelligence (AI) models, Service Portal is not only a working tool, but also an active assistant to help solve everyday problems.

List of key functionalities of the Portal Service

Handling service processes

  • The process of the first startup

  • Installation process

  • Service requests

  • Ability to add company-specific processes

Sale of spare parts

  • Parts suggestion for a specific device

  • 2D or 3D search engine

  • Spare parts availability preview

  • Price list and promotion management

Digital Passport

  • Access to information about the device

  • Service history

  • Maintenance planning

  • Documentation

  • Warranty

AI Assistant

  • Technical Support for Installers

  • Knowledge base

  • Execute commands (e.g., check availability of spare parts, add to cart) using speech - natural language

  • Advanced multilingual communication

  • Intuitive voice operation eliminating the need for a keyboard and making it easier to use in the field

Installer Panel

  • Intuitive service forms for installation, initial startup and service visits.

  • Technician Dashboard for task and device management.

  • Device identification with QR codes or serial numbers.

  • AI assistant to support technicians in real time.

Coordinator Panel

  • Configuration and management of service processes.

  • Acceptance workflow for completed service work.

  • Immediate generation of warranties after commissioning acceptance.

  • Registration of service requests and assignment of tasks to technicians.

Client Zone

  • Preview and evaluation of completed work.

  • Immediate warranty after initial start-up.

  • Access to detailed product information, manuals and service history.

  • AI Assistant for multilingual support and integration with existing systems.

Why should you choose Service Portal?

Increased Efficiency: Transition from paper documents to digital management.

Higher Satisfaction: Improving the experience of both customers and employees.

Easy Integration: Seamlessly connect to existing systems.

Real-Time Updates: Immediate access to installation and service reports.

AI support: multilingual assistance and voice interaction for increased accessibility.

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