Creating Customer Experience

Creating Customer Experience is a guide on how to create and improve customer experience with digital technologies. It will help with understanding what they expect, put them at the centre of activities and then design and implement the experiences they will love.

This is an obligatory book for all managers who want to base the strategy of their organisation on the customer experience in the extremely competitive and global business environment of the 21st century. Nowadays, building a strong relationship between the players of this market game is not just a business choice, it is a necessity to achieve a long-term and permanent competitive advantage.

Błażej Moder

Managing Director, EC1 Łódź – Miasto Kultury

We are all customers from time to time and, therefore, we are served by different companies. Some of them look after us better, others worse. We return more willingly to the former – those who correctly recognise our needs and care for our comfort, to the latter we return only when forced by higher necessity.

No wonder. After all, who likes to feel that they are just a wallet, a source of income which should keep quiet, nicely buy the goods or services offered, do not grumble? No one.

Unfortunately, consciously or unconsciously, many companies still act this way. If the problem lies in their unawareness of Customer Experience, it is high time to reach for our book and learn what it means to create customer experience and how to improve CX standards in the company.

When writing Creating Customer Experience, the authors have drawn on the experiences of many organisations, including the customers of Hycom, which emphasise relationships with product and service customers. It resulted in a practical book, full of ready-to-implement solutions that take CX in a company to a whole new level.

I am impressed with how clearly the authors managed to describe the intricacies of the designing process of CX experiences and tools. It is a comprehensive and inspiring dose of knowledge about designing good customer experience. The reader-friendly review of processes and tools, as well as real case studies help to systematise knowledge on how to build a customer-centric culture of the organisation and better products and services as a consequence.

Piotr Chojnacki

Head of UX, Allegro

To write this book, authors used the methods described in it. They defined the problem during numerous meetings with potential customers and the business community: even though many people are interested in the subject of customer experience, the level of knowledge about it is very uneven, the nomenclature is quite inconsistent and many terms mean something different. Authors were were greatly inspired by the meeting with Alexander Osterwalder in Berlin in April 2019. There that idea of this book was coined.

Alexander Osterwalder, Artur Urbański, Lucyna Dziewa, Berlin, April 2019

Artur and Lucyna created readers' personas and defined suggestions for the book's value by defining the reader's objective, their problems and motivation, as well as how they will respond to them. The form – richly illustrated, with many diagrams and practical canvases can be used by the readers in their practice. 

A complete model of the book was sent to the practitioners of CX design and implementation of digital solutions to consult them on whether our book meets their needs, what is valuable in it, what is missing and what is in excess. After receiving their opinions, the text was edited for the last time. Meanwhile, the illustrations, graphic concept and typesetting were created by team of Hycom's graphic designers and artists.

Artur Urbański and Lucyna Dziewa invite you to join them on a journey through the meanders of developing organisational models and management methods in the endless quest to offer the customer the best product in the most efficient way. They talk about it in an interesting, up-to-date way and with a historical context that makes it easier to understand the evolution and development of businesses over the centuries, offering specific tools and recommendations at the same time. A must-read for all those working with customers and aiming at perfection.

Adam Sawicki

COO Kiru, ex-CEO T-Mobile and Netia

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