Implementation of Commercetools

Hycom is the partner of ​choice for designing modern composable commerce solutions​

  • Active partnership​ with commercetools since 2020​ ​
  • Experienced team ​of engineers who did complex and large-scale commerce solutions​ ​
  • Rapid implementation ​of thanks to composable approach​ ​
  • Lean, customer-centric Implementation methods that allow bringing values fast​

The commercetools platform is designed from​ the ground up for creating customer experiences of today and tomorrow​

MACH architecture​

MACH architecture supports a composable enterprise ​in which every component ​is pluggable, scalable, replaceable, and can be continuously improved through agile development to meet evolving business requirements.​

Composable Commerce – ​ modern approach to e-commerce​

Commercetools goals​

Hycom advantages

Cooperation models

Hycom helps customers meet their goals ​and overcome challenges in the area of Commerce​

Reduced TCO

Vendors of large commerce platforms require a payment for features that are not used

Omnichannel​ customer experience

Inconsistent customer journeys across channels that were not designed as API-first

Faster time-to-market

Monolithic applications slow down delivering new business features

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