Sales and self-service business platform for the manufacturing and distribution 

Prosperer is a digital platform for manufacturing companies to deliver modern E-commerce solutions that will accelerate commerce operations, allow for substantial business growth and overcomes barriers of systems’ integration.

  • Integrations and processes created to provide consistent experience for customers and Backoffice staff​
  • Performance and scalability by design thanks to cloud infrastructure and flexible integration solutions​
  • Accelerated B2B processes with built-in features and architecture ready to embrace new business models​
  • CX focused: experience design ​is based on research, co-created and verified with customers​

E-commerce platform for manufacturing​

Business flexibility ​
enabled by:​

  • Rich product catalogs ​

  • Multisite support (e.g. for different countries, brands)​

  • B2B support (e.g. accounts, contacts, individual prices)​

  • Built-in PIM and CMS​

Consistent customer journey and experience across multiple touchpoints:​

  • E-commerce and self-service web platform​

  • Assisted Service Mode ​(for sales reps)​

  • Chatbot​

Modular Architecture to accelerate integration with:​

  • S/4 HANA  or other ERP​

  • SAP CX Solutions or other CRM and marketing automation systems​

  • IoT infrastructure​

Features that connect design and processes into a great experience​


  • Simple UI, excellent CX: comprehensive, adjustable ​to your company identity ​design language​

  • Multilingual storefront​

  • Responsive: displayed properly ​on any screen​

  • Integration withan analytics engine​

  • Personalized content based on customer segment or behaviour

Commerce services​

  • Bulk ordering – adding multiple ​products to cart in one action​

  • Importing cart from a file​

  • Fast checkout with pre-filled ​parameters to speed up the process​

  • Multiple payments and shipment methods ​

  • Multiple carts support​

  • Multiple currencies support​

  • Ability to request a quote instead ​of placing an order​

  • Promotion engine to apply ​discount when conditions are met​

Built-in PIM​

  • Consolidated product data from multiple sources​

  • Category and classifications (additional properties) management​

  • Searching, browsing, comparing products​

  • Enriching data (adding pictures, documents, rich descriptions, etc.)​

  • Exporting and importing product data (through xls)​

  • Build edit​

  • Support for multilingual ​product data​

Built-in CMS​

  • WYSIWYG editing in a drag-and-dropway of pages components ​(banners, product carousels, etc.)​

  • Managing navigation (header and footer)​

  • Previewing changes ​on different types of screen​ (desktop, mobile, tablet)​

  • Managing content pages​ (e.g., regulations, FAQs)​

Hycom helps manufacturing companies​ to meet the goals and overcome challenges ​

Consistent omnichannel experience

Multiple touchpoints, expected 24/7 perfect transactions processing

Becoming a data-driven company

Data are siloed or not used to generate new value​ ​

Empowering sales ​channels

Limited legacy solutions (e.g., with incomplete customer data) are often the biggest obstacle ​to empower sales

Accurate and complete product information

Comprehensive information on products is an essential part of great CX but hard to achieve

For more information, please contact:

  • Rolf



    Head of Manufacturing and Distribution Sector