Hycom services and solutions for Energy and Utilities

Take your customer self-service to the next level. Transfer more and more customers to the digital customer portal, to optimize cost-to-serve and address all pending customer requests just on time

Energy and Utility companies are facing substantial changes both from the market and from the customer perspectives

Renewable energy is not only the trend. It is much more than another line of business or product. It becomes crucial part of the company strategy and business policy towards energy independence.

Distributed energy resources and prosumers market generate vast amount of data that needs to be processed into valuable information to better manage and consume energy in the optimized way.

Individual customers and business clients demand quality service at the unexpected level before. Instant access to energy consumption data and financial settlements become crucial.

The role of Energy and Utility company becomes even more important than in the past. People's quality of life and business profitability depend heavily on how the energy is produced, transferred and consumed.

Our Clients from Energy and Utilities industry​

Composable self-service platform​ to access all products and services by the Utility customer in a single portal or mobile app

  • B2C & B2B customers 

  • Settlements & Payments

  • Customer Consumption Analytics

  • Uniform offers across all product lines​

  • Cross and up-sell 

  • From Paper to Digital​

Customer Understanding actions​ to get customer perspective into your digital strategy

When applying Customer Journey Mapping or Services Design tools the organization better understands their customers’ expectations. It allows to define quick-wins 
and short-term actions to enhance Customer Experience.​
It is a solid start to improve customer satisfaction in a continuous way.​

Transformation of IT Architecture​ to meet future goals and allow business to make the digital strategy happen

There are many barriers and limitations when developing portals, apps and tools for your customers. The challenging integration, siloes and data fragmentation and many more.​

Identify both business and technology drivers for making valuable changes in the IT ecosystem and design future-proof architecture to enable incremental transformation into modern composable and microservice-oriented architecture.​

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