Hycom services and solutions for Manufacturing

Delivering value on the promises of a digital transformation is top of mind for every Manufacturing company

Manufacturing companies are forced to accelerate the transformation from a product-centric to a customer-centric Business Model in following areas of direct impact:

Heatmap - barriers to delight customers and achieve growth ​

Customer Experience – causes and how to resolve​

Best Practices to drive towards Customer Centric Business Operations

Many Manufacturing Companies are investigating to find the right disruptive technology solution/platform with advanced functionalities to implement and drive quick results with minimal initial investment.​

While technology is a strong focus – the ultimate benefits can only get achieved when the solution contains and end-to-end perspective aligning – Process, Technology, Data and People – in the context of  what kind of business avenues and sales solutions they will be taking advantage of.​

It´s also crucial to ensure that exploring new avenues for sales doesn’t mean compromising on the delivery of personalized and relevant service for each customer group.

Rolf Kappler

Head of Manufacturing Sector, Hycom

Complexity of Commerce eco-system

Creating an eCommerce platform requires organizations to examine the complex interactions of critical supply chain and logistics processes. This also includes processes that span various systems from order management systems (OMS) to commerce platforms — even point of sale (POS) systems from brands with a freestanding store presence​.

Our innovative impact-centric approach to transformation

Data-driven business insights to redesign modularized service chains with a more complete approach to automation.

Our Clients from Manufacturing industry​

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