Blogging as a tool for employee development

We think it influences the employees’ development. Our bloggers have confirmed our assumptions:

  • Even skilled experts need to collect and systematize their knowledge as to analyze it from different perspectives looking into familiar or new areas. It’s a must if they want to prepare high-quality content. 

  • Collecting materials for an article motivates the subject to learn more and to look for new knowledge in a given area. 

  • Bloggers would discover views as soon as they would start to explore new sources of information, different opinions and trends. 

  • Writing an article may be a way to get out of the project’s inner circle and to enjoy various interactions with a wider group of enthusiasts.   

How the active engagement in the creation of a company’s blog influences the employee’s openness!

  • Spending part of our time working on the preparation of materials for the project is a great opportunity to unwind and to get to know more about one’s area of interest. It is perhaps time to acquire different outlooks. It may give personal joy to develop and build added values for the company by sharing educational materials with others.

  • Hycom’s organizational culture is an important element. It helps bloggers feel confident and brave when ideas and experiences are presented by being confronted with the views of others. In our everyday work, we don’t criticize but we appreciate the merit of exploring new perspectives and ideas. It makes us brave enough to share our knowledge and experiences with the rest of the world. 

  • It is a chance for bloggers to build their personal brand supported by the company’s name. 

Why do we see blogging as a way of appreciating employees?

We are proud of our experts who participate in Hycom’s success and we want to strengthen their image among the industry of professionals. 

We want to create a space for them to show their knowledge by taking part in creative debates about trends and to get them in touch with other specialists. 

If you are responsible for employee development, the way we’ve organized our blog may be inspiring for you. We are sharing our tips:

  • Describe the blog’s rules: what the aim is, what categories of article are featured, what the quality requirements are, how the topics are chosen and when the articles will be approved for publishing. 

  • Plan topics in advance to keep the continuity of publication by giving the authors time to prepare materials. 

  • Let employees prepare articles during their office hours (At Hycom, we have a special code to report our shifts in the system as a “blog time”). 

  • Deliver the internal support in terms of content and communication. It will help you take care of the articles pursuing your goals to produce cohesive and high quality content. 

  • Reward the authors of the articles for creating blogs. At Hycom, we have a motivational reward system based on points that can be exchange for rewards.

We keep our fingers crossed for the success of your blog! 

  • Agnieszka



    HR Leader