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We have gained extensive experience designing and developing mission critical systems for highly complex digital business projects which operate at a scale of millions of customers.    Hycom developed and still maintains a digital business platform for Orange Polska, one of
Poland’s biggest telecoms operators, Orange Polska. Over the course of the project, we have developed a close collaboration.

Hycom is a long term partner of Orange, and was engaged to deliver a best in class customer experience that would also maximize online conversion.

All of our designs are adaptive to offer a much better user experience. The majority of visitors use mobile devices to access the platform.

Delivery of digital business platform in a partnership cooperation

Together Orange and Hycom have delivered multichannel eCommerce and eCare
solutions for Customers, Consultants and Sales representatives. These were based on two prime technologies: SAP Hybris and Oracle ATG.

Because of our experience in service sectors, we were able to draw upon our
detailed knowledge of industry processes and best practice. We were able to design digital experiences, and develop new offers and products, as well as carry out further system maintenance. Among our many deliveries were: UX for Omnichannel Platform, UX and UI for business, and redesigned processes for both and, ongoing
development and maintenance of SAP Hybris and Oracle ATG.

Throughout our mutually rewarding cooperation, team members from both partners
were taking advantage of different development models such as Agile and Waterfall depending on needs and circumstances.

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