Self-Service solution for the energy & utilities

Modular self-service solution that gives flexibility to automate business processes and provide consistent customer experience.

  • All energy products and services in a single place for private and business customers
  • Energy consumption reports
  • Up-to-date settlements & payments
  • Customer portal as the first choice for any customer request

Modern Convergent Self-Service Platform

Composable approach and M.A.C.H. architecture gives flexibility and allows consistent omnichannel experience​

Enco addresses following challenges​ of Utilities company:​

We don’t want to implement the next big solution that will take years to launch​

You start from the most needed journeys and give it to users in months, not years, and reduce dependence ona single vendor monolithic solution​

Our customers are dissatisfied with inconsistent experience​

Leverage ability of the headless approach to provide the same service and data to many touchpoints in a consistent manner​

We need to apply best practices and adopt them to our business context​

Use prebuilt components and flexibly shape customer journeys to provide a top omnichannel experience​

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