Customer Service portal and mobile app for the Energy and Utilities

Composable online platform aimed to address all current customer requests and to expand business with new products and services.

  • All energy products and services in a single place for both private and business customers
  • Energy consumption goals with real-time reports
  • All contracts, services and billing data
  • Notifications and information relevant for customers

Take control on the energy consumption

Set individual consumption goals and compare it with real time usage.


  • Data taken from smart meters

  • Manual readings in other cases

  • Reminders to update consumption data regularly

  • Financial recalculation from consumption to payment prognosis

  • Individual consumption goals with notifications

  • Customer Service Agent mode

All Products ​and Services ​
in One Place​

Customers' one-stop location ​for online account management, billing and payments, start and stop services, bonus programs.​


  • Electricity, gas, water, heat ​and other nonutility products ​in one place​

  • Tariff and contract details​

  • My account management​

  • Consent management​

Bill ​Understanding and Easy Payment​

Analyze bills, compare rates, ​register queries, make secure payments, and manage all other billing and payment functions, online.​


  • Electricity, gas, water ​and heat bill explanation​

  • Invoice access online​

  • Direct debit for recurring payments​

  • Easy online payment ​for single purchases​

Composable approach and M.A.C.H. architecture that gives flexibility and allows for consistent omnichannel experience​

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    Head of Energy & Utilities Sector

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