Implementation of Qualtrics

What is Experience Management?

  • Experience Management (XM) is a holistic approach to listening to the voice of customers and using knowledge, understanding and insights to design and improve the experiences ​you deliver​
  • Qualtrics is the leader and creator ​of the Experience Management category​ and has been named a leader in the 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Voice of the Customer​ ​ ​

Qualtrics CustomerXM Implementation​

Top Problems Solved by Experience Management​

We don’t have a full & clear picture of Customer Experience. Data is fragmented or split between departments

Get a complete picture of customer experience data (from surveys) and operational data (from systems) ​in one place

We’re not sure what are the key drivers of satisfaction or loyalty. Are they different for different customer segments

Use analytical tools and personalized dashboards to deliver insights and predict customer behaviors

It is difficult to convert customer feedback into action and “break the siloes” – involve other teams in the process

Deliver notifications to the right people, integrate with your internal systems​ and create automated workflows to close experience gaps immediately

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