Moving to Cloud

Hycom is the partner of choice ​for well-planned strategic and tactical migration to cloud 

  • Proven track record ​of solutions delivered ​in cloud​
  • Experienced team of architects and certified cloud specialists​
  • Agile and iterative approach for rapid results delivery​ ​

Hycom delivers consulting services for each stage of your cloud readiness​

Hycom helps customers meet their goals and overcome challenges in the area of IT architecture​ ​

Choosing the right strategy to avoid pitfalls of unwanted vendor lock-in or investing in wrong technology stack

Benefit from cloud computing paradigm

Broad offerings of public cloud providers and applications vendors make an optimal selection of services very difficult

Selection and use of optimal cloud solutions

Business-critical systems require detailed planning, preparation, and sometimes even redesign before migrating to the cloud

Smooth and flawless transition to cloud

Low entry cost encourage extensive ​use of cloud services which often leads to uncontrolled infrastructure cost surge

Predictable TCO​ and cost control

Start successful digital project now

  • Maciej



    Head of Energy & Utilities Sector