Moving to Cloud

Hycom is the partner of choice ​for well-planned strategic and tactical migration to cloud 

  • Proven track record ​of solutions delivered ​in cloud​
  • Experienced team of architects and certified cloud specialists​
  • Agile and iterative approach for rapid results delivery​ ​

Hycom delivers consulting services for each stage of your cloud readiness​

Cloud Transition Strategy​

Build a strategy and consciously lead your organization towards cloud computing​

  • Development of cloud strategy ​

  • Cloud services aligned with requirements​

  • Blueprint of the cloud migration program

Cloud Migration Planning

Ensure the seamless transition of complex and/or business-critical workloads​

  • Development of detailed cloud migration​

  • Designing target cloud infrastructure​

  • Providing cost estimations ​

  • Verified technology assumptions with PoC

Cloud Audit and Optimization​

Maintain control over your cloud assets​

  • Evaluation and assessment​

  • Recommendations of changes and detailed implementation plan​

  • Redesigned and updated cloud architecture​

Transition to cloud ​is inevitable

  • Cloud computing has changed the IT ​paradigm for good. It is no longer a source ​of competitive advantage but a must-have.​

  • Broad offerings of public cloud providers​ and business applications vendors make it very difficult to select optimal services ​that will satisfy specific requirements.​

  • In order to achieve success, the cloud transition process must be performed ​in a controlled way - based on ​a well-thought strategy and sound plan.

Plan your success ​in advance

  • The strategic decision about cloud ​computing adoption is followed either ​by a need for migrating existing applications ​and workloads to the cloud or switching business processes and data to cloud-native solutions.​

  • Both scenarios involve complex changes ​that have to be thoroughly planned ​and effectively managed.​

  • A well-designed cloud migration plan ​is one of the key factors of a successful transition project. ​

The sky is no longer a limit ​but it comes with a price ​

  • Low entry costs encourage extensive use ​of cloud services. This may lead to an uncontrolled infrastructure cost surge.​

  • Growing business and changing requirements drive new features development. ​Initially optimized architecture and infrastructure may not be adequate after multiple iterations - resulting in decreased performance and/or increased cost.​

  • Periodic cloud environments auditing is ​a remedy for naturally emerging technology debt and allows controlling TCO.​

Cloud Migration Planning

Your benefits

  • Existing IT strategy and policies analysis and review​

  • Establishing architecture drivers, principles and KPIs for cloud ​

  • Analysis of systems’ performance data​

  • Selection of candidates for migration, initial assessment ​and roadmap recommendations​

  • Recommendation of cloud vendors and services, initial cost estimations, identification of risks​

  • Defining Infrastructure as Code guidelines ​and cloud-optimized CI/CD​

  • Building a PoC/PoV​

  • Identification of required skills and capabilities​

Cloud Transition Strategy​

Your benefits

  • Review of IT strategy and IT security policy for cloud-related guidelines ​

  • Analysis of application's architecture, data model and integrations​

  • Analysis of application's performance and monitoring data ​to determine load profile and identify bottlenecks​

  • Designing target cloud architecture, performing infrastructure ​sizing, selecting cloud services and defining scaling strategies​

  • Creating technical design of migration process​

  • Building PoC/PoV to verify technology assumptions ​

  • Defining scope of changes, estimating costs and planning​ migration process​

Cloud Audit and Optimization​

Your benefits

  • Architecture review of workloads and applications running​ in the cloud​

  • Technology stack review in the context of technology debt​

  • Software engineering, CI/CD, development and IT processes review​

  • Analysis of application's performance data, trends and scaling strategies​

  • Analysis of billing and cost data​

  • Architecture and environments' configurations assessment, identification of problem areas

  • Target architecture design, recommended sizing and scaling strategies​

  • Target infrastructure cost estimations​

Hycom helps customers meet their goals and overcome challenges in the area of IT architecture​ ​

Choosing the right strategy to avoid pitfalls of unwanted vendor lock-in or investing in wrong technology stack

Benefit from cloud computing paradigm

Broad offerings of public cloud providers and applications vendors make an optimal selection of services very difficult

Selection and use of optimal cloud solutions

Business-critical systems require detailed planning, preparation, and sometimes even redesign before migrating to the cloud

Smooth and flawless transition to cloud

Low entry cost encourage extensive ​use of cloud services which often leads to uncontrolled infrastructure cost surge

Predictable TCO​ and cost control

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