Software Operations Services

Hycom is the partner of choice for achieving excellency in daily software operations 

  • Vast experience​ in delivering and maintaining customer-facing applications​ ​
  • Team of 44 ​Quality Assurance, Application Performance and Maintenance specialists​ ​
  • Agile and iterative approach for rapid results delivery​ ​
  • Proven lightweight ​and scalable methodology​ ​

Hycom provides services at each stage of your software lifecycle

Quality ​

Ensure quality in every step ​of iterative software delivery​

Applications ​
Support and Maintenance​

Ensure flawless operations ​of customer-facing and business-critical applications​

Applications Performance and Optimization​

Eliminate performance bottlenecks, have your solution prepared for volatile traffic​

Quality​ Assurance​

Your benefits​

  • Assessment and refinement of existing ​Quality Assurance processes​

  • Transition from reactive bug-fixing ​to proactive prevention​

  • Significant quality improvements with little effort thanks to automation​

  • End-to-end quality control of software development thanks to continuous testing​

How it’s done?​

  • Alignment with client’s Quality ​Management policies​

  • A complete Quality Assurance ​framework: strategy, processes, ​procedures, principles and standards​

  • A Quality Control system implemented into development, code management and CI/CD​

  • Continuous and automated Testing for effective issues’ elimination ​

Applications Support ​and Maintenance​

Your benefits​

  • Full monitoring and observability of your software systems​

  • Proactive maintenance and problem management with extreme ownership​

  • Immediate reaction to issues and post-incident analysis​

  • Culture of continuous improvements

How it's done?

  • ASM is the "Ops" in DevOps​

  • Rapid features delivery vs business continuity​

  • 24/7 monitoring and SLA regime​

  • 2nd and 3rd support line​

  • End-to-end problem management​

  • Interdisciplinary teams sourcing knowledge from Hycom​

Applications Performance ​and Optimization​ ​

Your benefits​

  • Optimized performance of every layer ​of your full-stack solution​

  • Verified performance of your business-critical applications prior to production rollout​

  • Optimized TCO of your cloud environments​

  • Reusable testing framework​

How it’s done?​

  • Baseline, Load and Stress testing strategies​

  • Continuous loop of performance improvements​

  • Full automation using proper toolset: Dynatrace, Gating, Grinder, Jmeter, Lighthouse, Selenium and Taurus​

  • Experienced team sourcing knowledge ​from Hycom​

Hycom helps customers meet their goals and overcome challenges in the area of Software Operations​

Multiple touchpoints, expected 24/7 perfect transactions processing

Ensure spotless customer experience in digital channels

Growing complexity of technology stacks

Avoid errors and defects ​in your software solutions

Less-than-perfect software quality,​ performance negatively affect your business

Detect and solve problems before they affect your business

High traffic requires failproof architectures and optimized scalability

Achieve and maintain best possible performance while controlling TCO

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