Composable Solutions​ for Telecommunication

Hycom designs and builds digital solutions in the area of customer self-service and commerce with a focus on great customer experience and business value​

  • Customer​ Self-Service​
  • Digital ​Sales ​
  • Omnichannel Experience​

Architecture that accelerates ​the implementation of the solution​

Composable approach provides flexibility​ and allows a consistent omnichannel experience​

Hycom helps Telco companies meet their goals and overcome challenges of digital initiatives​

Many customers find self-service applications difficult requiring more effort than human interaction​ ​

Directing customers to digital self-service​ ​

There is a myriad of systems and processes that are critical to integrate with and technology delivery is slower than business demand​ ​

Increasing the effectiveness of digital development​ ​

Data is scattered and inconsistent across many systems and new data increasingly emerges from the intelligent measuring​ ​

Increasing the quality of digital self-service​ ​

It is difficult to understand and control customers across siloed and inconsistent touchpoints ​ ​ ​

Integrating omnichannel experience​ ​

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  • Maciej



    Head of Energy & Utilities Sector