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UPC Polska is a converged operator offering modern television solutions, and a fiber-based internet, in conjunction with mobile and landline services. The company’s offer is highly regarded by its customers - according to a NPS survey conducted by GemSeek Consulting, UPC was the most recommended operator in 2018. Nearly 1.5 million customers use UPC services, and its network has reached over 3.5 million households in over 150 cities in Poland.

In 2019, seeking to take advantage of digital transformation trends, UPC began the process of optimizing its customer self-service systems. Together with Hycom, they designed and implemented a new solution architecture using agile work methods. This enabled rapid modular implementation, an assortment of solution modifications, and, above all, the freedom to exchange technological components as needed. All this contributed to the creation of a platform able to quickly adapt to customer needs.

People working on analyzing the customer journey process

After years of experience with "out of the box" solutions, we were looking for a partner who would help us build a digital self-care service tailored to our needs. They addressed the business as a way to deepen our bond with our customers. Hycom proposed designing and implementing solutions based on a thorough analysis of customer journeys. This minimum viable product (MVP) approach took into account the benefits for our business on the one hand, and the complexity and time consuming nature of the process on the other. This enabled the rapid implementation of important functionalities as well as tests with clients at any scale. Together with Hycom, we were able to provide a working solution on time. It is also worth emphasizing the implementation team’s high level of commitment, and the excellent collaboration between team members at Hycom and UPC.

Jacek Jaworski

Digital Experience Director

The first stage of the project involved learning about the problems and expectations of UPC customers. By conducting a thorough analysis, it was possible to collect relevant information and data in order to create a map of the customer life cycle. Analysing the data in this way revealed many of the pain points that customers were experiencing with UPC services.

The next stage of the project, entirely managed in accordance with lean principles, was the preparation of a self service project roadmap based on the customer journey. This contained individual stages of development to reflect individual user goals in specific journeys.

In the next phase, prototypes of solutions were prepared and improved to maximally adapt them to the expectations of customers.

In order to create the best outcome for UPC, the whole solution was built according to the headless concept and based on micro-services. The architecture uses independent modular services and PWA technology, which is especially useful for self-care solutions. All of these offered UPC an excellent basis for building a new digital environment using agile product development methodologies.

Bearing in mind the rapidly changing market and the need to optimize customer service, an MVP solution was provided by the Hycom team in a record time of 12 weeks.

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